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Hiya!! Welcome to my new blog!! We’re going to have so much fun here!! I’m just crazy about bright beautiful creations and I want to share my passion for all things FABULOUS with y’all!!

A little about me… Lets see… I am married to the man of my dreams…I love crafting especially with paints, I have a somewhat unhealthy relationship with puffy paint and spray paint – I just can’t resist and must incorporate them into EVERY craft or so it seems. I enjoy trying new recipes and making healthy improvements on old recipes to fit our new clean-eating lifestyle. I am crazy about upcycling!! Turn something old that would probably end up in a landfill somewhere into something useful and well…completely FABULOUS!! I’m also a TOTAL girlie girl!! I love everything to do with make-up, nail polish, shoes and jewelry!! We’re talkin’ false lashes EVERY DAY, new hairdo/color every time the wind blows, acrylic nails, the longer the better and earrings/bracelet/necklace to match EVERYTHING I own!! But I refuse to pay full price to look and feel FABULOUS!! Oh heck NO!! My Momma didn’t raise no fool!! Baby you gotta shop around, find those sales, order from overseas if necessary (eyelashes) and print those online coupons to get the goods!! If I can’t find it reasonably priced or find a coupon well then it’s off to research on Google & Pinterest for a way to make it myself!!

That’s how my jewelry making started. Seems so simple all those years ago…I just wanted a necklace to match a FABULOUS sweater I’d found on clearance. But with me, once I saw how much fun it was to make my own I couldn’t stop. I just fell in love with all those colors and design choices, mix in match or coordinating pieces, new pieces for spring and fall… Now my love for jewelry and all things FABULOUS has resulted in over 500 pieces of jewelry. I love my jewels but even I can’t wear that many!!

I have this habit…I find something I enjoy…something fun to do…it doesn’t hurt if it’s shiny, glittery, sparkly and colorful either…and then a have to do 2 dozen of em!! More than I could ever use or display. Thus my Etsy shop was born!! Please check it out here!!

That’s me in a nutshell… Just a crazy girl making crazy things and have a BLAST!! Hope you’ll hang around for the ride!! You just never know what I’m going to come up with or say next!!

With Much Love