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Good Morning Friends!! I just love Sundays!! It’s so quiet here first thing in the morning… I can hunt Pinterest for crafty projects or recipes or new upcycling ideas without interruption. Aaaahhhhh. Just me and my java.

But it doesn’t take long before all that inspiration has me itching to get out in my work shop (or kitchen), or head to the nearest craft store (or grocery), to make something FABULOUS (or yummy). 🙂

I’ve been creating some fun fall crafts lately even though it doesn’t feel like fall down here…not yet at least… I just keep hoping through my decorations the temps will fall just a tad, nothing too dramatic though!! 85 and sunny isn’t my idea of Fall, maybe 75?? Anything under 60 is too cold for me these days, weird right?!?!

Onto the crafts!!

To create my Fall Themed table display I did several projects, none of them complicated or expensive!! Promise!!

DSCF2605 DSCF2606

Last time I wandered into Michaels they had their craft pumpkins on sale for 50% off. SCORE!! I knew immediately that I wanted to spray paint them with Gold metallic. A light spray and then touching up the stems with some black acrylic and PUFF!! Super snazzy pumpkin decor!! I recycled a candle holder I already had and bought a couple of strings of leaf garland from the dollar store. These babies cost a grand total of $17 for everything!! Not too shabby!!


I’m not sure if I’m done fancy-ing up my tray yet…feels a little plain to me still but I can’t put my finger on what it’s missing just yet. Ideas?? These adorable candles were so easy to do and WAY cheap!! I had the candles, twine and tray just lying around just waiting for a home. The tray was a dark red after a failed painting attempt but a quick coat of the same Gold metallic spray paint fixed that right up. Easy Breezy!! With Mr Man’s help I tied the leaves to the candle, since I didn’t have to glue them on they will be available for future projects. The leaves came from a single sprig at the dollar store, just snip off sprig!! The little cream-colored pumpkin came from the dollar store too!! The dollar store is a magical place for the crafty on a budget!! Total cost $2. WOW!!


The inspiration for this candle bowl was admittedly found on Pinterest. They used more of a goblet shaped glass with a lovely twine bow. With my kids (cats) I’m simply unable to decorate with much twine at all. They make it their mission to chew on it and eat it no matter what!! I opted for this round bowl shape instead in hopes that I wouldn’t miss the twine too much. I had some stale popcorn kernels in the pantry then I bought small bags of split peas and dry kidney beans for the color contrast. Add in another candle that was just hanging around… DONE!! And it only cost me $7 including the bowl!!


I am in LOVE with these plates!! The marbling of so many colors…and the possibilities are endless. These beauties will be available on my etsy shop very soon!!


Last but not least in my dollar store floral arrangement, everything from the basket to the foam to the flowers and leaves all came from the dollar store!! Could you really tell the difference between fake flowers from the dollar store vs Hobby Lobby?? Not usually if you’re picky in your selections!! This arrangement was well under $10 for everything!!


And the finished project!! Viola!! An explosion of fall!! All for the reasonable price of approx $36!! I love FABULOUS at such a reasonable price!!!

What are y’all doing to decorate for fall??

With Much Love