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So… I mentioned the craft show right?!?!? Of course I did!! It has been my total focus for weeks now!! And when I say total focus I mean TOTAL!!! Thank goodness its slow season at my day job!! The house is a bit messy, my friends haven’t seen me in weeks except to organize and prep for, you guessed it, the craft show, and our cleaning eating…well that’s a joke!! I realized this weekend that every other aspect of my life is out of whack and I just can’t function like that. It gives me great anxiety, and no one can feel creative in that state.

So… Yesterday was all about getting back in step, and first things first we need to get in check is our clean eating!! It’s a vicious cycle!! We’re busy so we grab something, anything really, it satisfies the hungry monster but then we end of feeling sleepy, we get heart burn, and in a couple of hours we’re hungry again. Surprise! Surprise!! Rinse and repeat!! VICIOUS CYCLE!! Enough of that BS!! So yesterday I got on Pinterest, looked up some easy & quick clean dinners and sides to go with what I had in the house. We love clean eating but I admit it is a bit time-consuming, and can be hard on the wallet if you live somewhere, like we do, that isn’t especially health conscious. I mean seriously… $3.58 for mushrooms?!?! Ridiculous!! So with my new & old recipes in hand I made out a supper list and a grocery list. That’s the key to sticking to a clean eating regiment, you gotta plan for it!!

Lists in hand I set out to cook up some staples and try a new recipe for supper. I must confess…it’s been weeks since I made bread and months since I made granola… Both should be homemade on a clean eating diet (I so HATE the “D” word) since you simply cannot find either in the grocery without a whole bunch of added chemicals, sugars and preservatives. Never mind the hefty price tag!! So I set up the bread machine to work its magic and Viola, we have whole wheat bread for the rest of the week. DONE!!

Next I went on Pinterest for a simple guide on granola. You can do so many variations I just wanted a simple recipe that I could adapt to what I felt like and what I have on hand. Keep it Simple!! Leave it to Pin!! I found exactly what I was wanting and didn’t even know it!! Check it out here. For my granola I used oats, sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, coconut flakes, olive oil, honey, vanilla, cinnamon and pumpkin spice (you soooo shouldn’t be surprised at that one!!). I religiously stir mine every 5 mins…after I burned a batch I never skip that step. Granola – DONE!!

Since the oven was already warmed I threw in some chicken thighs to roast. This was a first for me!! For one I’m just jumping on the chicken thigh band wagon…but when skinless boneless chicken breasts are $4.99/lb and chicken thighs are $1/lb on sale it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which to pick. I tried cooking the first package in the crock pot but it just didn’t turn out great…too much fat I think and the skin was soggy. I salvaged what I could but a lot went to waste. So back to Pinterest I go… I knew I wanted to roast em this time but how to season em and what temp…I had no clue!! I used this recipe as a guide for the temp and time but seasoned it myself. I used season salt, garlic powder, thyme, basil and black pepper. They were AH-MA-ZING!!! Mr Man is not partial to chicken on the bone so my plan was to roast it than strip em for shredded chicken for the rest of the week. Much to my dismay and delight he devoured the roasted chicken!! Double score!! I made a simple veggie pasta salad to go with it and PUFF dinner is clean once again!!

I managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the grocery and get my nails done too!! Not too shabby…one whole day spent re-centering us and now we’re set for the week to eat clean again. We’re in desperate need of a Costco run but that will just have to wait until after the craft show. I did NOTHING craft show related yesterday…not a single dot of paint!! Today will be a bit busy at my day job so I’m just hoping I can sneak in a haircut and a little house cleaning.

How do y’all balance everything??

Off to get ready for another FABULOUS day in paradise!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy