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So… Yesterday was the big day. Craft Show Day!!! My very first!! I was so excited…like Christmas as a kid…knowing that something great was going to happen but not sure what exactly. My sleep was broken for the two days before, just couldn’t shut my mind off, there were so many little details and I didn’t want to miss a thing – I wanted it to be PERFECT!!


But you can’t predict the weather and we just so happened to get a huge cold front come through the night before. Luckily it didn’t have any rain with it but the winds were veracious!! Cold and windy doesn’t make for a great outdoor craft event. After accepting that it was simply out of my control I grabbed the Gorilla Tape and pressed on. I was extremely lucky to have my bestie with me to help with the loading, setting up, keeping me company and then packing it back up and loading it all over again!! Without her it would have been overwhelming.


So, how did it go?? It was a great learning experience but over all this craft show was a FLOP!! I wasn’t going into this thing thinking I’d come out a Millionaire or anything, but breaking even for the cost of the day was expected and then maybe a smidge extra. Not so much… I’d understand and be able to accept it a little better if it was one of those booths that cost hundreds of dollars, which I was very surprised to see how many of those are out there!! But no, my bottom dollar for the day in booth expenses and food was $66. That’s very minimal by comparison. We made $50. You don’t have to be an accounting genius to see how far in the red we were for this event.

But the money wasn’t what bothered me the most…my feelers were hurt. Not because anyone said anything mean, the comments were very sweet, most people were amazed at the time and patience it took to create my “dots”. But apparently it wasn’t good enough to buy… You see I was really scared to do this. It took a lot to put myself out there…to believe that my little creations were good enough, that I was good enough…that people would pay for my doodles…that I had some sort of talent…something to offer… I put it all out there and got what?? A few “That’s pretty.” comments… Yeah, my feelers were hurt and they still are. Honestly I wanted to come home and throw it all in the dumpster, pour a stiff drink and cry. I did the latter 2 but Mr Man lovingly stacked all the bins in my workshop and talked me into sleeping on it first.


Now that I’ve had a little more time to digest I’m glad I didn’t toss it all. No one really wants to spend their Sunday morning pulling totes out of a dumpster… 😉 I believe this morning that it really wasn’t my little creations that was the problem. I knew this yesterday in my head but my heart was broken and that clouds all other reasoning. But now I can see what was so wrong…

Issue #1 The event was a cook-off, car show, craft show. The focus was nowhere near crafts.

Issue #2 The craft show portion held 11 booths, 3 of which were food related, 3 that were services related (weight loss supplements, personal trainers, mental health info), an Avon Rep and then us real crafters.

Issue #3 The craft section was around the corner from the cook off and across the park from the car show. There was nothing to bring all those people over to us.

Issue #4 Outside in the wind & cold. This really couldn’t have been helped or prepared for. But I know me, and I wouldn’t have went in the cold and wind for a couple of craft booths!!

So, we learn from these issues and prepare for the next show!! I need to make some adjustments to the booth set up to figure out a way to have more displayed and switch it to a winter theme. I also need to bring my own food & drinks to the next one to avoid spending precious profit on what they have available at the event. My next show is November 22nd and it is a craft show and craft show ONLY!!

I can’t imagine not painting anymore…not doodling on mugs and plates…not creating anything bright and pretty…not trying new and fun techniques… I LOVE what I’m doing and a part of me would be missing if I were to stop!! Now I just have to figure out the right way to make it profitable!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy