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After organizing for the craft show things are so much easier to find, no duh right?!?! But organizing has never been my strong suit…I’ve been surviving on the procrastination method for so long now I’d accepted it as our way of life. Until I realized how much more time I have to create things with it organized…another NO DUH moment I know… But it got me thinkin, what if I organized other aspects of our life?? Could I find even more ‘missing’ time, like the time I waste running around like a crazy fool trying to get everything done in the last minute?? HMMMM!!! I wonder…

veggie tray

You never know till you try right?!?! Since the organizing of the craft supplies was such a HUGE success I’m actually motivated to spend the necessary time to get things running smoother on other fronts. And first up is our grocery shopping/meal prep!! Clean eating is very important to us. I believe that this is how we should be eating to be at our healthiest. But it’s rather time consuming to make practically everything from scratch to achieve ‘clean eating’. Once again Pinterest to the rescue!! While trolling for recipes I kept seeing these ‘freezer meal plans’. How to spend less $$ and time by buying in bulk and portioning out dinners to be frozen and ready to go any night of the week. The concept seems sound to me… I can see it saving A LOT of time in the kitchen every night but also saving a lot of cash too by not wasting food that is close to expiring or veggies going bad. I’m in!! Let’s do this thing!!


First stop had to be Costco!! I love Costco and hate it at the same time. I know what great deals I get and they have such a huge selection of Organic produce and products but the total bill scares me every time. Thus why we limit the Costco run to once a month at most. Yesterday we made the trek and came out with a full cart for $132.35. Not as bad as I was thinking!! Yippee!!! Here’s the food list –


  • 12lbs Organic Brown Rice $14.79
  • 10lbs Bag of Onions $7.99
  • Case of 8 Cans Diced Organic Tomatoes $5.99
  • Big Ass Bag of Spinach 2.5 lbs $4.49
  • 2 Packages of Organic Irish butter 1.5lbs each $6.99 each
  • 2 Bags of Shredded Cheese 2.5lbs each $15.99
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 liter $13.69
  • Vanilla 16 oz $6.99
  • Taco Seasoning 24oz $4.29 (mostly clean)
  • Organic Coconut Chips $9.79 (impulse buy)
  • 2 Pack of Salsa 38oz each $5.39
  • Big Ass Can of Tomato Sauce 6lb 10 oz $2.59
  • 10lbs Tyson Chicken Breasts $21.49
  • 2 Pack of Tortillas, 30 total $4.89 (NOT clean)


So what am I going to do with all this?? Would it be bad to say I don’t know?? TeeHee!! Just kidding!! Dinners, Breakfasts & Snacks

  • Marinara Sauce (2)
  • BBQ Chicken & Sweet Potatoes
  • Thai Cashew Chicken
  • Fajta Chicken (2)
  • Shredded Plain Chicken for Salads (2)
  • Chicken Lo Mien
  • Italian Chicken with Spinach & Artichoke Hearts
  • Chicken Stock
  • Pork Fried Rice
  • 12 Individual Smoothie bags (Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry & Peach)
  • Breakfast Burritos
  • Pumpkin Bread
  • Peanut Butter Banana Bread
  • Honey Roasted Cashews
  • Granola
  • Wheat Loaf Bread

What’s so beautiful is I only have to cook a little, the rest is just divided up and freeze!! Just put the ingredients in the bag and freeze. Then it’s into the crock pot or skillet at dinner time. Plus it’ll give us A LOT of options to choose from, something for every mood and CLEAN EATING!!!


I still need to get a few ingredients at the regular grocery so I can also make homemade refried beans, chili beans and applesauce. I’ll also check out the meat on sale and make more freezer meals based on what I find. Gotta go with what’s on sale!! My goal is to have a month’s worth of meals in the freezer by the time I’m done… Then I should only have to go to the grocery for creamer, milk etc. That’s the plan at least!! 😉

Part 2 on the way soon once I actually get everything prepped and assembled. WOOHOO!! This organizing thing is kinda fun!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy