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Since my Birthday is on Veteran’s Day I never had to go to school on my Birthday and back in the day when I started working it was still a real holiday and I didn’t have to work either. That certainly has changed but me working on my Birthday…Nope…I tried it once and it totally sucked…Now I stretch my Birthday out as far as I can get away with!! This year was no exception, we started celebrating Saturday night!!


We had to work all day Saturday but come 6pm, Birthday Bash was in full swing!! The lovely lady we work with told us about a new Chinese restaurant on the West Bank, Chine Doll, that we’d seen but never tried. It was AMAZING!! The food was outstanding and the service was great too. They offer these HUGE adult beverages in, I kid you not, a small fishbowl!! We went with our Besties and her & I had to get a Rum fishbowl. The waitress warned us that they are pretty strong…I didn’t believe her…I should have!! OMG!! We were drunk off our asses by time we left!! Well you can’t have a Birthday Celebration down in New Orleans without some booze!! We were having too much fun to just go home so we went out for ice cream instead. Lots of laughs and great stories all around. It was the perfect opener for my Birthday Bash!!


Sunday was another fun-filled day with our Besties. We slept in a bit then headed out to lunch at Hardees/Carl Jrs (same place just different names depending on which part of the country you’re in). It was in the general area of our outing and the boys love that place, they deserve a treat too!! We did a little shopping next and my Bestie found a brown leather jacket on super sale that is absolutely FABULOUS on her!!

DSCF2709 DSCF2720 DSCF2735 DSCF2723

Next up the main event, a walking swamp tour at Jean LaFitte National Park!! I’ve been wanting to do this walk since we got here nearly 2 years ago but everyone that comes to visit us are wusses!! I’m not sure what they thought it was…like we were going to be beating the gators back with sticks or something!! Silly Grown Ups!! It’s a beautiful nature walk and this time of year is absolutely the perfect weather for it!! It was a high of 70 with lots of sunshine!! PERFECT!!! We got some great pics of wildlife and I definitely had fun getting my steps in for the day!! And guess what?? Not one gator to be found!! But we didn’t want to be in the swamp once it started getting dark so we cut the walk a little short and headed out for coffee next. Refueled on caffeine we made a stop to visit The Cat Lady to see the kittens she had for adoption. She had some beautiful babies!! A few Siamese that are hard for us to resist but we managed somehow, not sure for how long though… Then we were off to dinner at TGIF before heading home. It was a long fun-filled day but the Birthday Girl was plumb tuckered out!!


Monday was a half n half day…half normal and half celebration. In all my brilliance I scheduled our dentist appointments for the middle of my Birthday Celebration Weekend. It had to be done but still… Luckily we didn’t have to be there till mid afternoon so I had all morning to do whatever I wanted. And this gal has been itching to get some serious sanding done!! My wood working projects tend to back up a bit when it’s 100+ degrees for months on end, go figure!! That’s when I focus on my painting inside but now its time to tackle some of these projects!! 100_0268 100_0267

First up on the list is what will be my new sewing table, we found her probably 6 months ago or better. It’s a beautiful old solid piece of furniture that we think was a dressing table originally. Someone thought throwing some brown paint over the stain and poly was a good idea, not so much, and thus in their eyes it was ruined. Thankfully some of us can see through the ugly to the beauty underneath. I spent several hours lovingly sanding the ugly away and the wood underneath is even more fantastic than I had hoped for!! So much so that I’ve decided to leave her bare instead of staining her again. She’s just too beautiful to cover up!! I may end up dark staining the top since that’s where most of the damage was done, we’ll see. After the dentist, which went super easy breezy, but we were still all numb and a little sore so a nap was in order. And to round off a lovely day our Besties surprised us with tacos and ice cream for supper. It was such a blessing since neither of us really felt like running out or cooking!!


And then there was Tuesday, my BIRTHDAY!!! We had such big plans…but our teeth were still super sensitive and poor Mr Man was still quite swollen. I decided to spend the majority of my day just hanging out around the house. I finished sanding the sewing table in record time with the assistance of my new Drimmel!! I don’t know many girls that would be thrilled to get a power tool for their birthday from their hubby but this girl was OVER THE MOON!! The best part is that I didn’t ask for it, he just knew I’d love it. And he was right!! That bad boy made the grooves and detailing SOOOO much easier than trying to get into those tight places with my hand sander. My Mom & Daddy also surprised me with an adorable miniature rose-bush to welcome me to the “Older Than Dirt Club”. Too funny!!


We went out to dinner with our Besties to celebrate Veteran’s Day for everyone else and my Birthday for me. I got all painted up and curled my hairs…had supper…came home took it all off and went to bed!! I love my Birthday celebrations but this one tuckered me out!!


Back to reality now…work…house cleaning…laundry…dishes… I had such a great break from reality, all pampered and spoilt and relaxed with fun adventures too!! Wait…that’s the every day life I’m blessed with!! =D

All the pics besides the sewing table & rosebush were taken on the swamp tour by Mr Man. Who knew the swamp could be so beautiful?!?!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy