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Time just flies this time of year!! I can’t believe we’re one week away from the next craft show and less than 2 weeks from Thanksgiving!! How did that happen??

I wanted to add some kind of ‘winter’ aspect to the craft displays without changing everything. I thought with the blues & greens that snowflakes would be the easiest to incorporate into the existing color scheme but not be permanent or overwhelming to get done. Off to Pinterest I go!! I found tons of templates for cut out snowflakes…some of them quite beautiful with all the details…but I wasn’t sold on it for the craft show. Then I saw a tutorial on how to make window clingies like we used to put up for every holiday when I was little…with puffy paint!! You know I had to try it!!


After reading a few tutorials the general census seemed to be using a plastic ziplock baggies was the easiest way to peel off the snowflakes once fully dried. I used several colors of puffy paint in blues, white and glitter (of course!!). But once again I’m running out of puffy paints so I didn’t get as many snowflakes as I was hoping. Back to Pinterest for other ideas…next up was the same technique just using white glue instead of puffy paint. I do have a big ole jug of Tacky Glue… and I’m off to make more snowflakes!! I did a couple baggies worth of the glue method and while the glue was still wet I sprinkled left over blue sand from another project to try to keep them all within my color scheme. The sand was totally Mr Man’s idea!! Sometimes I think he’s the craftier of the two of us!!


So which ones turned out better?? They both look really pretty and stick to glass beautifully!! However… The puffy paint ones worked best on the plain designs, the ones with lots of ‘arms’ stuck together awfully when removing from the baggies and were hard to manage. I lost half a dozen with that design cuz they got all stuck together which made them impossible to separate. But on the plus side the puffy paint was a lot easier to apply onto the baggies, I had a lot more control of the paint. The glue ones were harder to apply to the baggies with precision because the glue is so thick and once it gets flowing its a lot harder to slow it down and stop it. But once they’re dried it was a breeze to remove them from the baggies because the sand on the one side prevented them from sticking to itself. It really is a close call of which method is better but I think I’ll be using glue and sand from now on…it simply took too long and was frustrating to get the puffy paint ones off the plastic for them just to stick to the table and have to do it all over again… And since these are save-able from year to year I think the glue ones will hold up better over time.


My hope was that they’d still be sticky enough to ‘cling’ to the fabric table cloths without being permanent. Not so much… Oh well!! I’ll be decorating the office windows with them after Thanksgiving!! Regardless they were fun to make and will get used so it’s another Pin Win!! But now the hunt is on for another idea to “winterize” the craft booth for next Saturday!! No pressure or anything… :/ Guess it’s back to Pin for more ideas… Might have to do the paper snowflakes after all…

Open for suggestions!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy