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My latest ‘little’ project was one of the weird corners in our living room…in all the houses and apartments we’ve lived in this one has the craziest layout for a living room ever!! For nearly a year now I’ve been trying to figure out how to use the space but it’s been many attempts and failures. And thus it turned into a craft project cluttered mess!! I had almost given up until we acquired this beautiful leather chair.


As soon as we found that piece the whole corner fell into place in my mind!! And it simply had to have shelves!! For the shelving we found a 2inx8inx8ft piece of solid wood. I sanded and stained the wood and Mr Man cut it into pieces. He is the heavy-duty power tool user in the family!!

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On one of our recent Home Depot trips we found stain, a gorgeous shade of deep purple, in the Oopsie Paint section. We’d never seen little stains with the other Oopsie paints before so you know I had to get it!! I had no idea what I was going to use it on but that’s the case with all the Oopsie paints. If y’all haven’t discovered Oopsie paint I’ll let you in on the secret…shhhh!!! Every Home Depot (other stores probably do too) have a little rack behind the paint counter with Oopsie paints from 50 cents to $2 depending on the size. These are paints that people return because it doesn’t work for them or that the paint mixer made a Boo Boo while mixing the paint. I get ALL the 50 cent Oopsie paints they have every time we go!! Anywho… This little stain was too cute not to use…and since I had naked wood…you guessed it…the shelves were stained purple!!!

I am a bit disappointed cuz from a distance you can’t tell they’re purple…but I know the truth!! TeeHee!! I got away with painting shelves PURPLE!!!


I had every intention of buying the fancy brackets for the shelves…until I saw the price!! For good gravy!! They wanted $7 EACH for the smallest size brackets!! That’s just insanity!! As much as I wanted that look I just couldn’t make myself pay that… So I went for the customary shelf brackets for a little over $1 each. Regardless I still love how the corner came out!!

And the Grand Reveal!!!

From Blah –


To WOW!!!


Still working out just the right pieces to go on the table but this is SOOO much better and I absolutely LOVE it!!! It has such a nice feel about it…. AHHHHHH….

Now only 2 more weirdo nook/corners/cut-outs to go!! And that’s just in the living room folks!! *SIGH*

With Much Love

❤ Kristy