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The sewing table is DONE!!! It took longer than I was expecting with this recent arctic blast!! For good gravy really?!?!?! Freeze warnings in November??? How much further south does a gal have to go to get away from the cold?? Anywho… Between the low temps making it not so fun to play in the wood shop, it was too cold for the stain and poly to adhere!! Go figure!! But the sun came out and the stars aligned for me to get her finished!!


I had originally thought I’d put a dark stain on the top since it had the most damage and then leave the rest of the piece naked with just a coat of polyurethane to seal it. Once I put the dark stain on top we decided to do the whole piece dark. The wood grain still shows through nicely and we’re thrilled with how she came out!!


Here she is from original find to sanded to stained and sealed.

100_0267 100_0273 100_0279

I wanted to use the original hardware she came with but when they slathered paint on the piece they did it with the hardware still on!! Really?? Come on people!! It’s one little screw per drawer!! Ok…feeling much better that I finally got that out. But I hadn’t given up on these little gems just yet. I soaked them in paint thinner to get rid of the ugly brown paint then scrubbed & scrubbed to get off as much as I could in all the detailing. Here’s what I found underneath all the gunk!!


I told you they were gems!! Mr Man says the middles are amber-colored bakelite from either the 40s or 50s!! The paint thinner took care of the paint but these babies still need a little more love. Mr Man to the rescue!! And a little Brasso… He is a master!!


All cleaned up with drawer liners.


Mission complete!! The once junked up old dressing table is now my new sewing table!! Ain’t she a beauty in her new home?? Now all I need is something to sew…


Pay no attention to Mr Man’s crazy suit of armor dude…I got nothing…

With Much Love

❤ Kristy