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Yesterday was my 2nd craft show…and it was another FLOP. The location did virtually no advertising of the event and closed us off from the street where people could see us. I had one sale that luckily covered the cost of the booth so at least I broke even, most of the other crafters were in the hole.

I know that it is HUGELY important to be picky about the shows I choose to do and I also realize that it’s not a guarantee that my things will sell well even at a great event. I get it, it’s a numbers game just like any other business. Any salesman will tell you it’s ALL about the numbers, X number of people through the door = Y number of sales. I know this, I understand this, it’s business 101…

So why do I feel so bad?? Why do I feel like I’ve failed once again?? Why do I feel like what’s the point?? Why do I want to scrap the whole idea??

The only answer I’ve been able to come up with is that it’s personal… I am the one that created all those things…I worked on the concept…I picked the colors…I made it… I lovingly created each and every piece. That makes it personal!! I don’t think I’d be so upset if it was someone else’s trinkets I was selling. I’d be able to rationalize that it really was the venue not the things… But it wasn’t someone else’s…it was mine…

I don’t know where to go from here… Honestly. Should I find another craft show…take another chance?? On one hand we’ve already put all this time & money into putting a booth together it seems like I should keep trying to at least recoup those monies. But on the other hand it feels like throwing good money after bad!! Just add some more booth rentals to the total amount of money we’ve thrown away on this stupid little idea of mine. Just being honest…

I don’t have to decide for a while. All the holiday craft shows are booked up till after the first of the year, not that I really have time to do another one before Christmas anyway… So everything will sit in totes in the work shop for the time being.

I feel better talking it out with you… Writing has a way of putting things into perspective, for me at least. Now I can get on with my weekend!! I still have a lot of Christmas decorations and Christmas gifts to make!! Plus a kitchen table that is screaming – Paint Me…Paint ME!!! But before I go, here are some pics from the craft show.





Any ideas or suggestions to make the booth better & more fabulous??

With Much Love

❤ Kristy