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Just like most everyone else involved with cooking for Thanksgiving my prep started days ago. First with lots of shopping, waiting in long ass lines then hours in the kitchen over a hot stove and a bottle of wine… OK, maybe the wine is just me… But you know what?? It was so nice…lots of great memories flooded back. Making a meal for my friends and family, mixing in love and well wishes with every stir, grate and chop!! It’s been too long since I really got to cook for a holiday and I’ve missed it.

This year I wanted to do something un-traditional to the masses but what used to be our tradition in Idaho nearly every Thanksgiving – Lasagna!! You know me, I just love to break the rules, be the weirdo, do it differently, unconventional all the way!! So it should come as no surprise that I’d do Thanksgiving just a little different too. So this year we served up 2 Lasagnas, one traditional with homemade meat sauce and another for the meat lover in all of us with an extra layer of pepperoni slices. We also made an Artichoke Salad. This may just be the most fattening salad ever but that’s probably why it’s the bestest ever too!! We also had Hawaiian bread, cannolis and an Italian cake to round out our Italian Thanksgiving Feast!!

As usual, I made WAY too much food and we’ll be saving some for future freezer meals. But everyone had a great time, we ate too much and laughed. That’s what it’s all about folks!! A day spent with those we love, making some memories while counting our blessings, you can’t ask for anything better!!

As with our lasagna tradition we always went around the table and asked each person just one thing they were grateful for this year… It would take the rest of my life to count my blessings but I think the one thing that sticks out this year is our stability. We’ve been riding quite the wave of adventure for the last 4 years or so and it was great…wouldn’t trade it for anything…but now I think we’ve finally found our niche in life, a career that makes us happy where we can be together with a company that’s rock solid. We don’t worry if the paycheck is coming or how much it’ll be. We don’t worry if our job will be around next month or next year due to corporate buy out or downsizing or relocation or any of the rest of the BS that used to keep us up at night. We’re safe. We can make plans for the future again because our present is stable. It seems so simple but sometimes the greatest blessings of all are the little things.

I hope y’all had a Fabulous Thanksgiving with friends & family!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy