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I’ve wanted to do a homemade Christmas for quite some time now, homemade decorations and gifts!! It really bothers me how the TV, radio, newspaper and MY email is being bombarded with ads for everything under the sun, pushing us to buy Buy BUY!! As if the reason for the season is all about the list of things you received under the tree…who spent the most money = who cares the most?!?! Really?? I don’t think so!! I refuse to go into debt to say I Love You to my friends and family!! Besides I think it makes it extra special that I spent the time to find that perfect something and then hunted out just the right ingredients to make it happen and lovingly made the gift. A lot of thought goes into making presents…and a lot of love!! It’s supposed to be about giving from the heart…not the amount of money.

Rant over!

So I have a list to help y’all out…very easy beginner level crafts that are easy on the wallet too. Some may be on my list…some not…y’all will just have to wait till Christmas to find out!! 😉 This is part 1 in a series of ideas. Stay tuned for more!!


Today is all about scarves!! Scarves are HUGELY ‘in’ this year!! Especially the infinity scarves which is good for us non-sewers!! All you need is an oversized t-shirt, the bigger the better, and a pair of scissors. It don’t get much simpler than that folks!! I have a TON of big ole t-shirts lying around but if you don’t a quick trip to the thrift store and you’re in business. Get creative!! Use a plain t-shirt or a patterned or striped one…either way works. Here’s what you do –

Cut the t-shirt across at the armpits. Now cut the bottom seam off. Stretch the fabric so it curls at your cuts. PUFF!! You now have an infinity scarf!!


If you chose a plain white t-shirt you can spiff that bad boy up real easy with stuff you probably have lying around the house. Did you know that you can do a detailed design or just scribble on the t-shirt with Sharpies and then spray, squirt or drip rubbing alcohol onto the sharpie to create a one of a kind design?? It bleeds beautifully creating a tie dye like effect. Let dry completely and then set your design by throwing it in the dryer alone for 30 minutes. Or if you chose a solid color and want to add a little something to it you can use straight bleach with a stamp or a bleach pen to make a more detailed original design on the fabric. Let sit and then rinse bleach out of the fabric with cold water. Now throw it in the dryer to set for 30 minutes. You can also use some fabric paint to stencil, stamp, draw any design you like. Follow instructions on the paint you chose to set your design, most require ironing.


So, with little $$ and a little creativity you can make one scarf or many for those gals in your life that matter so much!! And she’ll have a one of a kind homemade gift straight from the heart!!

You can find step by step instructions with pictures on these great blogs –

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A Geek In Glasses – Very Cute Blog!! This one shows the Sharpie & Rubbing alcohol method beautifully

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I hope these will help get your creative juices flowing whether for a scarf or some other homemade Christmas presents. So many options so little time!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy