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We haven’t decorated for Christmas in at least 4 years…for lots of reasons – moving, small living conditions, lack of family around, lack of decorations, ba hum bug attitude… Take your pick!! But this year I’m SOO into the season!! I think it’s because we’re finally settling into our own place, making it our home. And my parents are coming to visit!! Let the countdown begin!!!

Now about the decorations. I have just a few sentimental ornaments left. All the other decorations, including the tree, have been sold or given away as we moved and down sized over the years. So when I say I need EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING!!! And I’m going to make as much as I can. Whim of a crazy lady?? Perhaps…

First things first…we had to have wreaths!! I had so much fun making the fall floral wreath for my Mom I knew I wanted to try my hand at a Christmas one too. The first one I did was all ornaments but Mr Man didn’t care for it…I thought it was different but he said it felt cold, sterile. I have a new plan for the ornament wreath…I’ll keep you posted!! For the wreath I went back to the floral thing again since it turned out so pretty before. I think I like the Christmas one even better than the fall one!!


Years and years ago I made a few garland wreaths but I simply can’t remember how I did them… This time around I used an old wire coat hanger, simple yet perfect!! I bent the hanger into a circle leaving the hanger at the top to hang it on the wreath holder with. Then I double wrapped a piece of garland around the circle and fluffed the garland into place. Once the assembly was done I had a bunch of fun using hot glue to attach ornaments to it and adding those cute little red bows!!


She’s pretty…but I kept thinking she’s still missing something… SNOW!!!


Now she’s perfect!! 😀

Between crafting the decorations and making 80% of the Christmas gifts I’ve been a busy busy gal!! But I wouldn’t have it any other way!! This is starting off to be the funnest Christmas season we’ve had in a VERY long time!! But I’m sure the rants of a crazy woman are heading your way as the big day draws closer!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy