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I just love the whole idea of making ornaments to give as gifts!! I used to think it was a bad idea…I mean seriously how long can you enjoy an ornament before it gets packed away with everything else?? BUT, and this is a big BUT, every single year after as they put the tree up with all their ornaments they will pull out the one you made special just for them and it’s like getting the gift over and over again!! And there’s so many variations to choose from, something for each level of crafty and every budget!! They can be elaborate or simple enough to do with the kids.

OK, onto the ornaments!! 🙂

Let’s start with glass ornaments. Oh My Gosh!! Talk about options!! There’s a hundred different ways to decorate these babies!!

Wanna customize the color?? Add glitter?? Go for a metallic?? I found y’all a great tutorial here on how to paint the inside of glass bulbs. She has great step by step pictures to help even the least crafty of us. The possibilities are endless with this one!!


Once the inside is to your liking you can also tackle decorating the outside if you want… Using crafting stickers the possibilities go on and on!! You could write out names, add dates, monogram initials… Or you could use Puffy Paint or Sharpie to draw a snowman face or cartoon characters. Anything goes!!

What about ‘snow’ covered bulbs?? For this one you can use plastic or glass bulbs, colored or clear. Doesn’t get much more versatile than that!! Apply a thin coat of mod podge glue to the entire outside of the ornament and then roll in epsom salt. Finish off with a quick spray of clear coat enamel spray paint. DONE!!

snow ornament

How about a little snowman family?? I think all the grandparents out there would love to hang this one on the tree!! A thorough instructional video is available here.

snowman family

While we’re at it here’s another finger print bulb that anyone would enjoy!! The Happier Homemaker has a great picture tutorial here.


Or you can use up some of those broken crayons lying around to make one of a kind bright and cheerful ornaments!! Full instructions can be found here. This one is a favorite of mine!!

crayon ornament

Or maybe you want something a little more rustic…or elegant…or fancy smancy. This ones for you!! Use a hot glue gun to draw swirls on your bulb then spray paint with the color of your choosing. For extra depth dry brush with a darker color or rub shoe polish or stain over entire bulb. Finish her off with a clear coat spray and add ribbon once completely dry.


One last glass/plastic bulb ornament idea. What to do if you try something and just hate it?? You tried but it just doesn’t look right?? The color is all wrong or the letters got messed up… Have no fear!! We’ll just do a redo!! Everyone fubs up a craft now and then!! No reason to scrap the whole thing, use those materials for a different project!! You can make these two ornaments on purpose or to cover up a boo boo. These can also be done with less than perfect Dollar Store bulbs, no one will ever know the difference!! I promise!!

There are several great pics here on Do It Yourself Divas for jeweled ornaments. A little hot glue and the jewels/beads of your choosing to create a little or a lot of Bling Bling!!


If this is too much fuss or just too much bling there’s always another option!! How about covering the ornament in fabric or burlap?? Easy enough right?? Fire up the glue gun – again – and wrap to your heart’s content!! This would be a fabulous yet thrifty way to add a different theme to your tree year after year!! A great tutorial can be found here at Shanty 2 Chic.


OK, onto the other kinds of ornaments…

I never knew I could make clay before I stumbled across this Fabulous tutorial. Y’all have got to check it out here, Tips From a Typical Mom Blog nailed it!! She has some great ideas to make this a kid friendly project.


But, you could do anything with this clay!! This is another way to be very thrifty in changing your themes from year to year, just dye your clay so everything is matchy matchy!! For a more grown up ornament try stamping the clay then painting and sealing. At least that’s what I would do… Use your imagination – go for broke!!


While we’re making ornaments let’s make some cinnamon ones too!! I found the recipe here at Katy Elliott. Super simple and once again thrifty!! I remember making these when I was little…maybe Girl Scouts… They did smell fabulous forever!!


Now let’s talk pine cones!! I love pine cones but not the price tag!! It’s ridiculous to ask $5 for 6 cinnamon scented pine cones!! Outrageous and I won’t pay it!! But I will go down the road to pick up fallen pine cones from a tree!! If I’d started thinking about crafting with pine cones a month ago I could have scented them but oh well…maybe next year. Store bought or home picked pine cones can make some pretty neat-o ornaments!! I am in LOVE with the glitter snow-covered pine cones here at Blissfully Ever After.


Hopefully these will give you some ideas to make some fabulous ornaments of your own or for a special someone!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy