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Is it a bad sign when Mr Man just rolls his eyes at me when I start off the conversation with, “Guess what I found on Pin?!?!”?? If he wasn’t so thrilled with the $$ we’re saving he’d probably block Pin on my laptop!! šŸ˜€ This is how the ‘Forest of Trees’ started. I found all these adorable cone trees all over Pinterest…you know I had to try it!! But I couldn’t stop at just one or two…NOPE…I had to make a DOZEN!!

I tried several different styles but in the end I didn’t really care for the “forest”. Very disappointing after all that work and materials!!


I’m not sure what to with it at this point… Scrap it?? Try to salvage a couple?? Try to ‘fix’ them?? Hard to fix something when I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong…

100_0382 100_0381

I went back to Pinterest for inspiration but I’m still coming up blank… I might save a couple to put here and there but the ‘forest’ just ain’t happening. BOO HISS BOO!!!

So I guess I need a new idea for a centerpiece on the dining room table… Now what?? I have less than a week until my deadline… NOT GOOD!! I guess it’s a good thing I’m a procrastinator…I do my best work under pressure!! TeeHee!! Silver lining folks!! Just a little switching around a PUFF!! Centerpiece Success!!!


You can’t really tell in the picture but I glittered the tips of all my FREE pine cones. I couldn’t believe how much they were charging for pine cones in the store!! I collected mine down the street and then baked the bugs out. Easy Breezy!! This project made a HUGE mess in the house and I ended up sweeping up glitter for several days after. Not fun!! Next time the glittering will happen outside!! But they sure are purty!!

I tossed the green ‘snow’ covered trees but kept the rest. Mr Man arranged this for me… I told y’all he just might be the craftier of us!!


So, not all was lost with the tree crafts… Just goes to show that not everything we try is going to turn out exactly how we expected!! Oh well!! The fun is in trying!!

Short and sweet today. Lots to do!! Only a few days left till Mom & Dad are HERE!!!

With Much Love!!

ā¤ Kristy