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Sometimes I want a complicated project and other times simpler is better. Here’s a couple easy breezy ones and then the complicated one… Something for any mood but still easy on the wallet.

I have several funny cut outs in our living room that I’ve been struggling to figure out what to do with in our every day decorating. Funny how I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them for Christmas decorating though… These Christmas wall hangings were almost TOO easy!!

Grab a couple of pieces of foam board from the dollar store, 1 yard of Christmas fabric and a roll of glitter ribbon – Easy Breezy!! I told you it was simple!! I cut my foam board down since my 1 yard of fabric wasn’t enough to cover both huge boards. Besides, they were too big for my little corner nook anyway – so there!! I cut the fabric with an inch or two extra along the edges to be able to fold it over and staple to the back. I assume that hot glue would work just as well, I was lazy and just stapled though. Once the fabric was on the foam board I cut off a couple random lengths of my glittery ribbon and stapled those to the back too. Pretty Christmas wall art for a total of $8 if you count the whole roll of ribbon and all the fabric but I didn’t use all of either. If you add in the branches (I had the vase lying around) the whole corner cost me under $15. Not too shabby at all!!



I wanted to do something with cranberries this year. I’ve never decorated with them before but all those Pins kept calling to me. I reused a vase I used this fall for a candle centerpiece to keep the cost down. I filled the bowl with one bag of cranberries from the Costco and a short pillar from Wally the wrapped some left over garland around the base. Simple, easy, thrifty and lovely!!


So from super simple to super complicated and time-consuming we go!! I found these super cool looking star/snowflakes on Pinterest while hunting for something extra to add to my craft show booth. These are actually the very first Christmas decoration I made, leave it to me to be all kinds of complicated from the beginning!! Here’s the blog I found with wonderful instructions and a free printable guide if you’re looking for an in-depth time-consuming project. These babies took quite a bit of time and patience!! But on the bright side they are super thrifty and look really groovy when all done!! All I used was 8 pieces of colored construction paper!! Then there’s lots of snipping, lots of folding, lots of hot glue, lots of cursing (from me at least) from burnt fingertips… I added some spray glitter to the final product, just a little something extra. Whatcha think?? Worth it??


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy