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I knew I’d need TONS of bulb ornaments for crafting and decorating our little Charlie Brown tree since we only saved a dozen or so sentimental ornaments between moves and downsizing. The dollar store has cute individual ornaments and packs of 5, 7 and 12. Those packs are such a great deal!! They may need a little love and decorative details but they are the best bang for a BUCK!! I bought at least 15 packs and ended up with a box full of ornaments to craft and decorate with.

One of the projects I had my heart set on was a centerpiece of ornaments. There were so many to choose from but I kept going back to the one tiered up like a Christmas tree with garland and ‘snow’ – beautiful, elegant and so fun!! This is probably the most in-depth decoration I’ve done this year. It took awhile to put together, lots of steps and different materials, but she is so worth it!!

First I spray painted an old candle holder and plate in silver. Once completely dry I used epoxy to seal em together. Wait a good day or so for the epoxy to properly set. I know it’s so hard to wait!! Once set I hot glued the ornaments on one at a time onto the plate in a tree shape. Be creative!! Go for a theme of colors, or use fun shaped bulbs or different sizes of bulbs – anything goes!! Don’t worry so much about the spaces between the bulbs, we’re going to take care of that in the next step!! Once you’re satisfied with your ‘tree’ of ornaments and all the glue is set break out the garland. I cut the ends off a string of garland I had for another project. Depending on the height of your tree you may need a little or a lot. I inserted the little garland snips into all the spaces between the ornaments. You can use hot glue if you’d like but mine held fine in the tight spaces without it.  Now for the finishing touch – SNOW!! I added Tacky glue (next time I’ll stick with my trusty spray adhesive to avoid the heavy coat of glue) to the edges of the ornaments and the tips of the garland then sprinkled epsom salt onto the glue. I needed to take the piece outside several times to shake off the excess salt. Viola!! A beautiful, one of a kind, centerpiece to grace any table for the whole season!!


I love how she turned out and it’s even better than I had hoped for!! Now to decide where she is going to sit…

Remember when I told y’all about the wreath of bulb ornaments that Mr Man wasn’t too excited about?? Well I remade it anyway!! I ended up with so many bulbs I had to do something with em!! This time I added some ribbon though, just a little something extra. And since he wasn’t a fan I brought it to work for my office. 😛

She was so simple to make too!! I used heavy-duty wire that Mr Man had in his garage or you could use a wire coat hanger. I’ve seen some done with foam wreaths too. But for this one I just threaded away, bunching them together as I went, then had Mr Man clamp the ends of my wire together. Once in full circle again I randomly wrapped the ribbon around the wreath. OK, maybe it isn’t technically ribbon, more like fat glitter tulle. Tah Dah!!!


Hard to believe I still have bulbs left over, especially with the wreath using so many!! One more project should do the trick!!

Onto the candle centerpiece with a bulb wreath style base. Same concept as the bulb tree but this time I used a small foam wreath circle and tried the hot glue method. There are definitely pros to each way of making the wreaths. The wire one is easier and quicker and definitely uses way more bulbs but the foam one allows for a more versatile ways to cover those spaces. Take your pick!! Great final product either way…in my humble opinion!!


The bulbs were pretty easy to work with and VERY cost-effective coming from the dollar store. I did 4 projects in total with my bulbs. Can’t forget about the bulb wreath hanging at home!!


So what’s the cost savings?? Well… I spent approximately $25 to create all 4 pieces. Granted I used some materials I just had laying around…so if you were to buy everything needed to make these I’d guess you’d be in the $40 range. Still not too shabby for 2 wreaths and 2 centerpieces!! Especially since the cheapest pre-made wreaths are going for a minimum of $35 around here!!

Can’t beat that!! Having fun AND making cool shit AND saving money!! WOOHOO!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy