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Sorry I’ve been missing for the last week or so… I was too busy having fun with my parents while they were visiting before Christmas!!

We had a blast playing tourist in the French Quarter, this time of year brings out even more incredible artists in Jackson Square and the French Market is always a fun stop for one of a kind gifts and trinkets or anything Cajun you can imagine!! An evening at the River Boat Casino to try our hand at meeting Lady Luck with great food and even better friends… A full day of shopping at the Outlet Mall…nothing like dragging your Daddy & Mr Man into the bra & panty shop for some serious bargain shopping!! We even spent an evening at Celebration of the Oaks at City Park to look at hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights – something we never would have seen otherwise. It was really quite magical!!

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While all that was fun…I think the time at home was even better!! The visiting…reminiscence…catching up…laughing… That was my most favorite part!! Add in some time baking and cooking with my Mommy…this really couldn’t get any better!! We made several different recipes that neither of us had tried before with great success – Chocolate Chip Coconut Macaroons, Mint Chocolate Bark, Candied Pecans and Mocha Puppy Chow!!! A lot of memories were made this Christmas and I am blessed!!

We did our own “Christmas Day” from start to finish!! Mr Man made a huge breakfast with the works…Louisiana Hot Sausage, fried potatoes, eggs made to order, country gravy and toast!! We visited some more while we held our bellies. I decided we’d do a Nawlins style Christmas feast since everyone was going to have the traditional grub on actual Christmas day. I ordered a fried turkey, none of us had ever had one fried and OH MY!! It was so juicy with the best skin EVER!! My bestie made the cornbread dressing, bread pudding and lemon meringue pie for dessert. Mom and I made the Jambalaya and BBQ Shrimp. I cheated and bought the potato salad and Hawaiian rolls (tradition calls for french bread but Mr Man had his heart set on his fav). Everything came out beautifully though the BBQ Shrimp would have been better had with fully peeled the shrimp first…live and learn!!

The exchange of Christmas presents was a hoot!! I love playing elf and watching everyone open their gifts!! It is my absolute favorite part!! This year was especially fun since I made the majority of the gifts…it really did add to the excitement for me at least. πŸ˜‰ But being the big ole dork I am I didn’t take any pics of the presents to show y’all…DUH!!! I can’t believe I didn’t do that…. UUGGHHHHHH!!! Wait…I have 1 pic…so sad…but I guess one is better than none!!


These are the snowmen I made Mom…meet Mr & Mrs Snowman!! It was even cuter since I made my Daddy Mr & Mrs Frog shot glasses but alas I have no pics of them… Drat & DOUBLE DRAT!!

OK…Moving On…

We had a great time but it was all too quickly over…

Now back to reality with work, finishing up projects for Christmas Day and making about 40 “Thank You” tins full of homemade goodies. Never a dull moment!! =)

With Much Love