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I sit here in the quiet…enjoying a moment to myself before the day explodes in activity…remembering the Christmas’s past.

All the way back to when I was probably 13 and Santa brought me my first Boom Box aka Stereo for you youngins… I was so excited!! I wonder if Santa knew how many hours I’d spend singing at the top of my lungs to that thing…driving my parents crazy and torturing their eardrums…

And then there’s our first Christmas as a married couple… we were half way around the world from my whole family. I was so homesick but we made the most of it!! I made a huge dinner for all of Mr Man’s single buddies and we played cards and drank…a good time with good friends.

And then there was the one in Nebraska…a big ole house with nothing in it but a blow up mattress, a 13 in TV with rabbit ears and a tiny light up table top Christmas tree. There was snow…lots of snow!! We went to Walgreens for something to do and had a frozen lasagna for Christmas dinner. But we were together and that was all that mattered…

Fast forward a few years and we’re snuggled by the fireplace…waiting for Mr Man’s family to arrive and our first Christmas with our little niece… So excited to have Christmas at our home again… One last big family dinner before the big move that changed everything.

Christmas at Mom & Dad’s!! After 15+ years we finally made it home for Christmas!! Surrounded by family for days…great food…great visits…some homemade gifts…lots of laughs and great memories…days to treasure always!! I remember being over the moon happy and feeling so loved…

The last couple Christmas’ we’ve been in transition…moving states…moving apartments… Not a lot of decorating…or cooking…not a lot of gift giving… But even through all the chaos we always had each other…maybe not much more than that but that’s all we really need!!

This year we’re heading over to our Besties to spend the day enjoying lots of grub and presents but more importantly we’ll all be together. The new socks will eventually wear out, the electronics will break or be replaced with a new gadget, the kids will outgrow the toys and the gift cards will be spent. But the looks on their faces as their opening the presents and playing with their toys is priceless…those memories are what lasts.

That is my wish for you today – where ever you are – whoever you’re with – whatever your situation – Make the most of it, treasure every second, make some memories to carry with you always!!

Merry Christmas!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy