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Since the cruise I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with life stuff…normal chores…work…projects…etc. All the same stuff that was going on before the vacation…so what’s my deal?!?! Why is balancing dinner with swapping the dishwasher and starting a load of laundry all at once suddenly a huge hurdle?? I mean come on!! This isn’t out of the ordinary…this is my every night of my life routine. Multi-tasking at it’s best!! Isn’t that one of the traits us women folk are known for?? Something that I’ve always taken great pride in being a master of… But not over the last couple of weeks… I didn’t know if it was the after vacation Blahs or what but I just can’t seem to get my butt moving to do much of anything. Thank God I married such a wonderful, equally as talented at multi-tasking, understanding man!! He has been picking up the slack like a trooper without so much as a whiff of a complaint. I am such a lucky gal!! Which has given me a little time to ponder on what my deal is…

Just yesterday, our only day off this weekend, I ran off to my workshop to get busy on an old school TV cabinet that I have been working on as weather permits. Never mind I have put this coming Thursday as a deadline for myself since it was Mr Man’s Dad’s TV cabinet and my Father-in-law just happens to be coming for a visit…arriving…you guessed it…this Thursday!! Once again…no pressure or anything!! But it wasn’t the deadline that got me out there. It was an absolutely gorgeous day that needed to be enjoyed and I happen to do some of my best thinking while sanding wood. Something about the simplicity and repetitiveness of it is very calming and soothing to me. It allows me to clear my mind, the soft constant buzz of the sander doesn’t allow a lot of outside noise to get through. Isn’t it funny how something like that can have almost a meditative effect?? It reminds me of Mr Man’s Grandma, she always said she felt closest to God while gardening. She’d go on and on about having her hands in the dirt and nursing little seeds to life and lovingly watering and tending to her treasured garden. I always thought it was a beautiful sentiment and think of her every time I tend to my plants.


While sanding I was thinking of everything I wanted to do when we got back from vaca. All the projects I wanted to start… All the trips we needed to schedule… All the obligations I had to prepare for… And of course the after vacation diet that I needed to organize and prepare for…especially since the damning realization on vacation that unbeknownst to me all this time but surprise – I’m Fat!!  And we can’t forget the ever looming task of figuring out how to quit smoking…something that everyone we know wants us to do but is so elusive to us, something we just can’t figure out despite the growing number of attempts we make… With all of this running around my head is it really a wonder why I couldn’t cook dinner, swap the dishwasher and start laundry all at once??

Then BAM, if finally occurred to me how much pressure I’d been putting on myself…no one else has had this list in front of me. I have been putting ALL that and a heaping pile of work stuff on my plate ALL at once. I’m good but I don’t know if anyone is THAT good!! I don’t think Mr Man even realized everything I had put on my shoulders to “start” after vacation. No wonder I was too paralyzed to do anything!!

So I’m stopping everything. No lists. No Diets. No Quitting. No deadlines. No planning. No nothing. Just day-to-day life!! I need to get my head and heart back on track before I can tackle any life changing challenges!! So I’m sorry to report I don’t have any finished projects to share, I don’t have any cute freezer meal ideas or smart money-saving tricks or even any cute Bubba pictures to pass along. But fear not!! I usually bounce back pretty quickly once I stop long enough to figure out I’ve been dragging around a mountain on my back!! Hang in there!! I’ll be back soon!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy