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Chris’ Dad is here so we are doing the tourist thing. I love it when we get visitors!! We actually take the time to go see all the great stuff our city has to offer!! And nothing says Louisiana like the swamps!! I love me some knobby knees!!!



We went to Jean Lafitte National Park with our besties for my birthday in November but came up empty on the great gator hunt. So back we go for more wildlife and much to my surprise we found that Spring is well underway in the swamp!! And whoda thunk it would be so beautiful!!



We’ve heard that in another month or so the wild lilies will be in full bloom throughout the swamp and that it’s simply breath taking. This picture is courtesy of NOLA.com and was taken in April last year. Just a little longer until we can go back and find oodles of these beauties!!

lily in the swamp

Still no gators to be seen this trip either… We even walked a couple different trails just in case… But we did see quite a few of our armadillo friends and captured some awesome pics of the beauty of the swamp!! Mr Man and his Dad were having too much fun playing with the settings on their cameras and taking pics of everything it seemed. Silly boys!!


It’s a bit funny to see all the leaves on the ground…makes me think of Fall back home…but it’s spring here in the deep south!!

DSCF2957 DSCF2952

Sometimes the best medicine available is a quiet walk through nature to enjoy and take in the beautiful surroundings. So much beauty in the simplest of things!!


And every time one ventures into the swamp it’s completely different – changing all the time, evolving, flourishing – just the same as us!! We flourish as we change, grow as we learn and become more beautiful as our understanding of ourselves deepens. A beautiful cycle, for all of us!!

DSCF2915We found some fantastic tracks along the trail amongst the mud and leaves. Not quite deer tracks… I suggested wild boar and WOW I was RIGHT!! We didn’t get a good pic of them but here’s a pic someone else got…

wild hog tracks

It was so nice to get out and smell the fresh air and take a nice long walk!! Mr Man and I need to do this more often just for us. It’s hard to get outside of the apartment sometimes with all the To Do’s but that’s exactly what I need to recenter myself.

Lots of fun stuff happening around here especially with Mardi Gras right around the corner!! From one type of beauty to the polar opposite but both great in their own right!! 😉

Thank you for all your concern and loving comments after my last post!! It warmed my heart and lifted my spirits!! Thank YOU!!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy