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Back in the real world…mini vaca over… Now what?!?! We aren’t doing anything major for the next month until we take a little weekend trip up to Memphis to visit with my sister and brother-in-law. A month…a whole month… What can I do with myself, for myself, in a month?? On one hand it seems like too short a period of time to do anything really but I think that’s just an excuse on my part. A lot can be accomplished in a month!! We’re talking a whole 30 days!! But where to start?? How to start?? Jump in the deep end?? Baby steps in the shallow?? I don’t want to get to gung-ho and not follow through but I also want to make good progress…with any luck visual progress!! After all the pics on the cruise and then more during the Mardi Gras visit I’d like to see a visual change before the Memphis pics come to light!!

I’ve been doing a lot of nutrition research and for us and I believe that going Primal is the answer. For the last few years I’ve been trying to keep us on a ‘clean’ way of eating. As close to real as possible avoiding nearly all the processed crap that make up the Standard American Diet (SAD) which means cooking nearly all our meals from scratch or as close to as my culinary skills will allow. We’ve found that ‘clean’ eating is much less expensive because it forces me to cook nearly all our meals. When literally only 3 restaurants are ‘safe’ to find clean items on the menu our eating out nearly vanished. And it’s amazing when you think about how much those convenience items cost compared to the raw ingredients that are needed to make the same dish yourself. But there is the time factor, for those of us lucky enough to work a flexible schedule from home it isn’t really a big huge deal just something to get used to and add into your time schedule. But for others with a traditional 9-5 or more away from home the answer seems to lie in freezer meals and your best friend the crock pot!!

So what lead me from ‘clean’ eating to Primal?? Well for one, I put all this effort into making everything from scratch and watching our portions and trying to be more active but still no significant weight loss for either of us. I figured we must be doing it wrong!! Naturally we fell off the wagon and would ‘cheat’ here and there but nothing to account for the weight gain vs loss. If it was just for me I’d blame myself a hundred different ways and revert back to processed, cheap and virtually time-free eating but it was effecting Mr Man too… When he told me he was gaining instead of losing I knew we were on the right track but the wrong trail. And thus the hunt began again to discover the missing link in our diet. Insert Primal!! I’d been to Mark’s Daily Apple before in my research but it didn’t initially sink in… But this time around the bells started chiming and I had a very serious AH HA moment!!

Clean eating is a great thing, don’t get me wrong!! None of us need all those chemicals, additives and preservatives that go into making convenience or non-perishable food!! Our bodies weren’t designed to eliminate all those toxins so instead we end up with them wreaking havoc on our insides doing everything from inflammation of our joints and digestive track to mood swings and irritability to migraines and acne. And the list goes on and on I’m afraid friends!! Primal is taking clean eating to the next level by eliminating anything that a caveman or woman wouldn’t come across while hunting and gathering. Mark does a great job breaking it all down and providing all the scientific backing so I won’t even try to mimic that here. I highly advise taking a trip over to MarksDailyApple.com to explore all the wonderful information and get all the details on going Primal!! If it’s something that interests you…

I also realized after getting so overwhelmed with everything before my father-in-law visited that I need to take a step back and re-evaluate what’s really important. For us, that’s going Primal, and the simpler route at first would be best. After we get into it a bit than I can start trying fancier recipes and such but for now Keep It Simple Stupid is the best motto!! So for us it’ll feel a little boring to be honest but it is what it is. So we’re going to stick to eggs & bacon/sausage if we’re hungry enough for breakfast, we skip it A LOT!! Then salads for lunch with some kind of protein be it grilled chicken breasts or left over meat from the supper before and lots of veggies, cheese, seeds, olives, fruit etc. And for supper it’ll be some meat and another fabulous salad. Super Duper Simple!! Meat and Salad…Meat and Salad…Meat and Salad…

We actually started it yesterday cuz we both are so sick and tired of looking but more importantly feeling like crap!! I had to run to the Wally for a work errand and was surprised to find some decent prices on their meat. I wasn’t even intending to look for any groceries while I was there but as a walked through I couldn’t help but notice the great mark downs. I scooped up 6 packages of 1lb of hamburger for $2.83 each, almost 3lbs of boneless skinless chicken thighs for $4.54 and a huge shoulder roast, too big to fit in my crock pot, for less than $10!! So with all that and what I still have in my freezer we should be sitting pretty from now till we visit my sister in a month. So yesterday we had big ole taco salads with my freshly acquired hamburger for lunch with tomatoes, onions, black olives, shredded cheddar, sour cream and dressing. For supper I put in one of my last freezer meals of pork chops and apples in the crock pot and a beautiful salad to go with it, full of green leaf lettuce, orange sweet peppers, feta cheese, bacon crumbles, sunflower seeds and dressing. Puff!! Primal eating at its simplest but tastiest!! YUMMERS!!!

I’ll keep y’all posted… Wish us luck!! 🙂

With Much Love

❤ Kristy