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Mr Man and I had the most interesting conversation last night that led to a very interesting AH HA moment…

So… Y’all know we have this super great little puppy Bubba, right?!?!




Bubba in his ‘bed’ when we first got him 5 weeks ago and then Bubba with his sweater on cuz it’s like a frigid 40 degrees outside. (I know Mom…oh boo hoo!! TEEHEE) Ain’t he just to stinkin cute!! Love that little guy!!

Anywho… We brought him back to the breeders last night to get his nails trimmed and pick up another couple of weeks worth of Puppy Crack, he just loves her homemade food!! While we’re chatting with her the subject of what the Chihuahua’s can and can’t eat comes up again, just reiterating how very careful we have to be with what he can get into because he’s so little and thus sensitive. Some things that you’d think would be so innocent can actually be toxic, to little dogs especially.

So once we left the breeders we make a stop by our Besties so they can have a little visit with Bubba and pick up a few things before heading home to feed Bubba and get him to bed. Poor little guy was hungry and tired from all the excitement but he was a really good boy and waited till we were home to potty!! That’s a long time for such a little guy to hold it!! A whole day without an accident!! Yippee!!! OK, my puppy excitement is getting away with me… Back to the point…

So, once the babies are fed and in bed Mr Man and I are chatting about Bubba’s food since it’s homemade and we start discussing if we should start making Pinks food at home too. She should get the same good for her stuff too!! I mean look at this face!!


As we’re chatting it reminds me of a picture I saw on Facebook from a link posted by Dave Asprey the founder of The Bulletproof Diet and the concept of Bulletproof Coffee on the reaction of Sugar to our bodies, which to me looks like it mirrors that of illegal drugs. This is the image, to read the full article click here.


Is this really all that much different from this??


Every single person that has EVER tried a low carb diet of any sort can recognize this cycle!! Just insert your sugar of choice instead of substance abuse – be it cookies, or ice cream or cake or pizza or french bread or rice or any other high carb goodness your heart can imagine.

So… Mr Man and I are chatting and we realize that we are treating the cat & dog better than we do ourselves in regards to how we feed our bodies!! I would never feed my ‘kids’ Twinkies because that’s dangerous, it isn’t real food, they could get sick, I don’t want them ingesting all those chemicals etc. But for us it’s whatever

The key that we figured out is that for all our lives we’ve been told that these imitation ‘foods’ are real food and OK to eat. We’ve been conditioned by their clever marketing ploys to believe the imitation food tastes even better than the real thing!! When in truth it isn’t even food at all!! It’s something created in a lab to trigger the addictive sugar cycle so we will continuously crave their ‘food’ and puff…their sales skyrocket!! How many times have you ate a real cherry or orange or grape and realize the fruit flavored candies don’t taste anything like the REAL food?? Of course they don’t!! There probably isn’t an ounce of Cherry in that candy, just a bunch of chemicals altered to taste like a super sugary and addictive version of Cherry that can never exist off the tree in nature.

So, for us, the only way to view these imitation foods from now on is as poison. You can’t negotiate with poison…there are no exceptions…no bargaining… Eating that piece of cake is the same as chugging a cup of bleach. Seems extreme I know… Bleach may harm you quicker than the cake but the result is the same!! You are doing damage to your insides regardless!! Or in other words…if it ain’t good enough for the dog to eat than it isn’t good enough for me!!

Just a simple, innocent conversation tuned into a very insightful AH HA moment that I had to share!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy