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With the weather warming up here and there I’m just itching to get in my workshop and create something super fabulous!! A couple of weekends ago I did some canvases like the record bowls I did last summer for the craft shows.

DSCF3078 DSCF3075 DSCF3073

I’ve been thinking about putting the record bowls and maybe some painted glass in the Etsy shop. The jewelry didn’t go so swell but with 100s of thousands of listings for jewelry…well it is what it is. It seems like a waste not to use the shop that I spent all that time setting up… Hopefully the record bowls and painted glass are different enough to stand out but in a good way!! I guess I’ll never know unless I try!! Wish me luck!! Here’s some pics of what I’m thinking about listing. Any feedback would be great!!

DSCF2683 DSCF2603 DSCF2694

I did a couple canvases for my sister’s new apartment too… We’re finally going to see her next weekend!! WooHoo!! And y’all know me!! I can’t go empty-handed!!!

DSCF3079 DSCF3080

The first one is going in her bathroom to go with her awesome shower curtain and the second will go in their living room to match her throw pillows. Can’t wait to see her new place and her new artwork in place!! Only one week to go!!

As a secret surprise I’m also making her a matching tissue box holder, a coaster holder and a painted wine bottle to go with her grape theme kitchen!! So much stinkin fun!!

But all these little projects are making me want to delve into something bigger…something new!! I recently acquired some random tiles and grout to try my hand at mosaics. Now that is going to be a blast!! I’ve been trolling Pinterest for ideas which is so addictive and dangerous!! So many projects…so little space!! I very seriously have to find some new homes for the projects I’ve already completed to make room for the new ones. My shop is getting tinier and tinier by the minute it seems. *sigh*

But ain’t much creating going on with temps in the 30s & 40s!! Spring needs to get on its way already!! Every time I think it’s safe to start planning the garden it freezes up like this again!! I hope my beautiful Hibiscus make it through!! It’s just not fair!! WAH WAH WAH!! OK, whining over…for now. 😉

Well, as I wait for the warm weather and plentiful sunshine to grace us I’ll have to focus on my last two wood projects. I know…hard to believe right?!?! Only 2 left!! Well that is until another tortured treasure crosses my path. 🙂 SO… I’ve sanded and oiled the OLD TV cabinet that was in Mr Man’s house when he was but a wee little boy. We’re talking way over 30 years OLD!!! TeeHee!! Poor thing was flaking stain everywhere. She’s too beautiful to not do something ultra fabulous with. The wood grain under all that yuck is so amazing!! What’s so interesting is that they used 3 different types of wood on the piece, very unusual!! I’ve decided to take my time and stain it 3 different colors to really bring out the beauty of each kind of wood used. I wanted to do something different with her especially since she is such a sentimental piece to Mr Man. And last but not least is a TV Stand for my girlfriend. It’ll be the first piece of wooden furniture I paint with spray paint!!! Fingers crossed I can pull it off!!

Well… Off to make some yummy Taco Salad for supper although with these temps it sure feels more like a Tater Bake or Spaghetti Bake kinda night…

With Much Love!!

❤ Kristy