Moving Forward


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Well it’s been awhile ain’t it!! Lots has happened but we’ll get to that…

I’ve finally did it… It?!?! What’s it?!?! Well… We’ve been here in New Orleans for over 2 years now. I know!! 2 years go fast when you’re having FUN!! But that means we’ve been in one place…stable…standing still…and happy about it for 2 years. It was time to let go of the RVing world. All this time I’ve still been receiving blog updates and emails from various RV websites. It’s just time to walk away, shut it down and move on. It was a great adventure, one we plan on experiencing again in the far future, but it’s time to close the chapter officially and fully embrace our new life here in New Orleans!! And within an hours time I had unsubscribed and removed my email from it all. I was sad at first…there will always be that draw for me to wander aimlessly around the country to meet new people and see and experience new things but we have a great gig here, we’re beyond happy and it’s time to say good-bye for now. Once it was all done I was surprised by how relieved I was. Sometimes letting go is the best medicine. ❤

I’ve also let go of this whole crazy eating thing… I was driving myself crazy and racking up some out of this world grocery tabs with this thinking that I had to stay within someone else’s parameters of what we should and shouldn’t be eating!! And then feeling like shit when the scale doesn’t move and blaming myself… Horrible Awful Cycle!! Whatever!! To hell with it!! I’m going to cook like I wanna cook…we’re going to eat what we wanna eat!! I enjoy cooking from scratch. I enjoy trying new recipes. I think portion control is a BIG part in all of this and then there’s the whole exercise thing. As much as I’ve tried to dodge that bullet it seems to come back around time and time again to bite me. So Fine!! I give!! First of the month I’m joining the gym. UGGHHHHHHH!! I could pout and whine and throw a fit…OK…so I did do all of those things and it didn’t work. I also tried bribing, making deals and compromising but that didn’t work either…. Can’t blame a girl for trying!! In the end Mr Man made too good of an argument and I had no more excuses to use, my arsenal was dry. WAH WAH WAH!! I shouldn’t complain too much since the monthly rate at Planet Fitness is so reasonable… And there are the perks of the tanning and massage tables to ease the pain, literally, of going to the gym. It just has to become part of my routine and I’ll be fine. Some crazy fools actually say I’ll love it so much I won’t be able to stay away… Yeah…we’ll see about all that!!

So I’ve been letting go and moving forward…that also applies to my hair. How in the world did I get to hair from all that?!?! Well…I’ve always hid behind my hair. I have been blessed by the hair gods with an easy manageable head of hairs but I’ve always kept them long. I’ve always been afraid to try out shorter hairstyles in fear that my face will look fat. No matter how hot it got, or how cumbersome it was or how boring I held onto that long hair…year after year. Well enough was enough!! I was wearing it up and back most of the time anyway so Chop Chop CHOP!!! I’m now sporting a short angled layered bob and absolutely LOVE IT!! And surprise surprise…I think it makes my face look thinner!!

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this ‘Older Than Dirt’ age… I guess there must be something to that whole older and wiser thing after all!!

With Much Love

❤ Kristy